The Collective Body as Sangha:

Zen and the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Online

November 12, 2022 / 9:00am – 12:30pm PST | Led by Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey

I imagine the collective body as the energetic consciousness of the earthbody,

which includes all living beings. It is the body-felt connectedness among people,

profoundly related to the source of our humanity. —Janet Adler

Join Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey, co-editors of Janet Adler’s new and collected writings, Intimacy in Emptiness: An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness, in dialogue with Janet Adler and SFZC’s Green Gulch Farm Abiding Abbess Furyu Nancy Schroeder.

During the first half of our time together, Janet and Fu will join us for a discussion honoring the relationship between our two distinct and complementary practices—one nascent and one ancient—which considered together may bring fresh insight to our questions. During the second half, we will immerse online in an embodied awareness practice founded by Janet: the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Is individual embodied consciousness enough?

How do we cultivate a conscious-enough collective body?

How does sangha become fully embodied, manifesting on earth?

Paula Sager

Paula Sager, a writer and a teacher of embodied and contemplative practices is based in Rhode Island where she teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Her practice and study with Janet Adler began in 1994, a deepening journey over decades.

Bonnie Morrissey

Bonnie Morrissey is a teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, a writer of poems, and a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. She is a long-time student of Janet Adler, having first met and studied with Janet in 1981.

Furyu Nancy Schroeder | Abiding Abbess, Green Gulch Farm

Furyu Nancy Schroeder, a resident of Zen Center since the 1970s, became Abiding Abbess at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in March 2014.

Janet Adler

Janet Adler, PhD, has been teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement for fifty years. She founded Circles of Four (2013), a post-graduate program that prepares people to teach this way of work.

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